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A unique, much-needed presentation of all that is required to gain an immediate, useful understanding of the topic. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text, Original pages. Best For.

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Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. More related to public administration. See more. Jong S. Striving to redirect the study of public administration toward innovation and imagination, deliberative democracy, knowledge transfer, policy making, and ethics and values--topics which for too long have been overshadowed by traditional problems of efficency, productivity, and instrumental-rational solutions--this book of diverse essays is certain to invigorate both scholarship and practice.

Eighteen leading international scholars evaluate public administration's historical development and explore the significance and value trends in public administration from a variety of cutting-edge theoretical and practical perspectives. David John Farmer. Throughout its history, public administration has used a number of different perspectives for analyzing the discipline's theory and practice, and both mainstream and alternative lenses have produced valuable insights and prescriptions. At the same time, an individual way of looking at PA can be misleading. Alone, a solitary lens can miss critical aspects and often gives only part of the picture.

Public Administration in Perspective has been specifically crafted to give new life to public administration theory and practice by helping readers view the discipline through a variety of perspectives. Designed for the capstone course in public administration programs, as well as a fresh approach for courses in PA theory and organizational theory, this unique book provides a culminating experience--bringing together what has been learned in previous MPA courses without simply rehashing old content. It offers a comprehensive guide to eleven major approaches to PA, and synthesizes them to deepen our understanding of the discipline.

Each chapter in Part I describes the key features of the selected perspective--history, content, and proponents--and discusses the strengths and weaknesses related to PA theory and practice.

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Part II synthesizes the various perpectives, with specific implications for PA management and practice. Part III concludes with a complete overview, identifying ways in which readers can think more creatively and productively about PA, putting the perspectives themselves into perspective.

Evans, Gerald William. Analytics for the public sector involves the application of operations research and statistical techniques to solve various problems existing outside of the private sector. The use of analytics for the public sector results in more efficient and effective services for the clients and users of these systems. Donald C Menzel. This practical book is dedicated to building ethical organizations. It has been written for college students preparing for careers in public service as well as for elected and appointed officials, administrators, and career public servants in the United States and elsewhere.

Concise and comprehensive, Ethics Management for Public and Nonprofit Managers takes a managerial ethics approach to building and leading ethical public organizations. It includes: a discussion of the U. Public Administration in Theory and Practice: Edition 3. Hailed for its timelessness and timeliness, Public Administration in Theory and Practice examines public administration from a normative perspective and provides students with an understanding of the practice of public administration.

Combining historical, contextual, and theoretical perspectives, this text give students a truly comprehensive overview of the discipline and focuses on the practical implications of public administration theory. This substantially revised third edition features: Increased emphasis on and expanded coverage of management skills, practices, and approaches, including an all-new "Managerial Toolkit" section comprising several new chapters on important topics like transboundary interactions, cultural competencies, citizen engagement, and leadership and decision-making.

Expanded part introductions to provide a thematic overview for students, reinforce the multiple conceptual frameworks or lenses through which public administration may be viewed, and provide guidance on the learning outcomes the reader may anticipate. Still deeper examination of the connections between historic theoretical perspectives and current practices, to help students think through practical and realistic solutions to problems that acknowledge historic precedence and theory, yet also leave room for creative new ways of thinking.

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This expanded analysis also offers a forum for comparative perspectives, particularly how these practices have emerged in other countries. PowerPoint slides, Discussion Questions with a focus on practice , Learning Outcomes, and "Things to Ponder" at the end of each chapter that may be used as lecture topics or essay examination questions. Public Administration in Theory and Practice, third edition is an ideal introduction to the art and science of public administration for American MPA students, and serves as essential secondary reading for upper-level undergraduate students seeking a fair and balanced understanding of public management.

Similar ebooks. Adam Braun. Adam Braun began working summers at hedge funds when he was just sixteen years old, sprinting down the path to a successful Wall Street career. His story takes readers behind the scenes with business moguls and village chiefs, world-famous celebrities and hometown heroes. Circuit has demanded too much of financial regulatory agencies, and some have suggested that requiring cost-benefit analysis of financial rules is too tall an order.

There are also respected academics who disagree. I do not agree with the critics of these decisions, in part because I am very familiar with the evidence that was before the agency in the cases, and with what the agency did and did not do with the evidence before it. The SEC mutual fund governance rule is a case in point.

Another decision that has come in for a lot of criticism is the D. The idea was that by enabling dissident shareholders to put forward alternative director candidates without the expense of a full-blown proxy contest, the rule would make it easier to field candidates for director positions; this, in turn, would broaden the pool of candidates and make directors more vulnerable to challenge and more responsive to shareholders, thereby improving the caliber and performance of directors and ultimately the company as a whole.

As in the mutual fund case, the D.

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Public Sector Decision Makers

The decision has been criticized for setting too high a bar for the SEC. In truth, the SEC made a number of elementary mistakes in this rulemaking. In partial response to some of this academic commentary, I will mention two. First, the SEC never had a coherent theory of how prevalent the new proxy access mechanism in the rule would become—how frequently it would be used.

The basic concept was that contesting director elections would be much easier and therefore more frequent, with the end result that there would be more candidates to choose from, and directors would be better and more responsive. How often this mechanism would be used was therefore directly related to how effective it would be—but at the same time, the frequency with which it was used was closely tied to the direct costs it would impose. In estimating these costs in the preamble to the final rule , the SEC lowballed how frequently the access mechanism would be used: The mechanism would be deployed in 51 corporate board elections a year, the Commission projected.

This meant it would be used less frequently than traditional proxy contests, even though the premise was that proxy access would be easier— more accessible—than traditional proxy contests. Penn Law Prof. Ryan Doerfler visits with students.

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Public Sector Decision Makers

As the D. One lapse by the SEC in this rulemaking, then, was not having a coherent view of how frequently this new mechanism would be used. A second lapse lay in not considering who would use it. A significant number of these shareholders would be union pension funds established in collective bargaining with employers, and the pension funds of states and locales, such as the CalPERS fund. Similarly, some commenters argued that government pension funds sometimes are motivated by political objectives that bear little relationship to maximizing the value of their investment in a company.

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Commenters argued that these specialized interests undermined a central premise of the rule—that the large, long-term shareholders using the access mechanism would act in a manner that was likely to reflect the interests of shareholders as a whole. In the rulemaking, the SEC ignored this criticism of its proxy access proposal.

This became a key argument for the challengers in the court of appeals: Significant evidence had been presented that the rule would be used differently than the SEC intended, yet the SEC had ignored that evidence. The court was right to invalidate the rule in part on this ground, and it was right to vacate the rule as a whole: When an agency does not have a clear view of who will use its rule, for what purpose, and how often, there has been a serious lapse in reasoned decision-making.

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