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The airline has ordered 30 of the Max 8 planes and already had five in its fleet, with the first being delivered last year, according to FlightRadar Boeing had promoted the model by minimizing the costs of upgrading, saying the Max 8 required little additional training for pilots who had flown a previous version of the plane. There has not been a crash involving Ethiopian Airlines since January , when a Boeing crashed into the Mediterranean Sea shortly after it took off from Beirut, Lebanon. None of the 90 people onboard that flight — 82 passengers and eight crew members — survived.

Professor Braithwaite was referring to the airline alliance that includes carriers like Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and United. The lead investigation will start in the country where the crash happened, Ethiopia, he said, but other countries will also be involved — Kenya and the United States, independently of Boeing, because the aircraft was made in the United States. Another emergency center was set up at a nearby hotel within the airport to provide counseling.

Flight was popular with aid workers based in Ethiopia who needed to exit and re-enter the country regularly so as not to violate work permits.

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The executive director of the World Food Program, a United Nations organization, said on Twitter that staff members from the group were among the dead. Aid workers from the United Nations, Catholic Relief Services and other organizations were also aboard the plane. Since elections in March, the new prime minister has been embarking on a series of political reforms, chiefly to officially end two decades of hostilities with Eritrea, a neighboring country and longtime rival.

In Africa, Ethiopian has a reputation for having a newer fleet than other airlines, for operating flights that are mostly on time and for having accommodating schedules. Addis Ababa. Ethiopian Airlines Path based on publicly available radar data. The individual parts for the previous wing were cut using a waterjet system, and it took several minutes to make each part, Jenett says.

The new system uses injection molding with polyethylene resin in a complex 3-D mold, and produces each part — essentially a hollow cube made up of matchstick-size struts along each edge — in just 17 seconds, he says, which brings it a long way closer to scalable production levels. The resulting lattice, he says, has a density of 5. By way of comparison, rubber has a density of about 1, kilograms per cubic meter. Studies have shown that an integrated body and wing structure could be far more efficient for many applications, he says, and with this system those could be easily built, tested, modified, and retested.

The same system could be used to make other structures as well, Jenett says, including the wing-like blades of wind turbines, where the ability to do on-site assembly could avoid the problems of transporting ever-longer blades. Similar assemblies are being developed to build space structures, and could eventually be useful for bridges and other high performance structures.

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MIT and NASA researchers have designed an airplane wing assembled from hundreds of identical parts that could add greater flexibility to the manufacturing process, reports Aristos Georgiou for Newsweek. Fast Company reporter Melissa Locker writes that researchers from MIT and NASA have developed a new kind of airplane wing made up of hundreds of tiny identical pieces that can change shape mid-flight. MIT News Office.

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A chemical approach to imaging cells from the inside From one brain scan, more information for medical artificial intelligence Imaging system helps surgeons remove tiny ovarian tumors Technique could boost resolution of tissue imaging as much as tenfold. Secretary of State highlights Boeing as the largest exporter in the U. Students and teachers in Washington state celebrate a year's worth of leadership and good work in their schools and communities at the high energy, celebrity-infused Seattle We Day.

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The first quarter of for Boeing Commercial Airplanes saw a 14 percent increase in commercial airplane deliveries compared to the first quarter of Revenue Recognition Accounting Standard ASC Information During the first quarter of , Boeing adopted a new revenue recognition accounting standard ASC which, among other things, imposes additional criteria for recognizing contracted backlog with customers beyond the existence of a firm contract to deliver.

Apart from adding the table below and modifying the "ASC Changes" line in the Net Orders table, this site has not been adjusted for the adoption of ASC , and reflects all orders for which we have a firm contractual commitment.

NASA Armstrong - 'Miniature Aces' NASA's Dale Reed Flight Research Laboratory

Shows order and delivery counts for all past years for Boeing Commercial Airplanes' jet aircraft. Boeing Commercial. Commercial Services. Learn more. Commercial Feature Stories. Learn More. Opening up new routes, opportunities with MAX September 22, in Commercial With infinite new route possibilities that come with extended range, the MAX is following in the footsteps of the Dreamliner and before it, connecting communities and people in new and exciting ways. Chillin' with the MAX March 20, in Commercial, Technology Boeing flight test teams deliberately froze the MAX at one of the coldest passenger airports in the world, then watched it roar back to life without a hitch.

Includes options for five additional s Learn More. Boeing Commercial Airplanes Highlights February 3, in Commercial A look back at some of the year's major milestones. State of the art X Composite Wing Center completes prototype parts December 6, in Commercial Everett, Washington facility will produce largest wing Boeing has ever built.

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More than One Way to the Runway November 2, in Commercial Approach and landing technology seeks to increase safety, efficiency and capacity. Get your panda on … a Hainan Airlines September 20, in Commercial Enter contest to have your design of Kung Fu Panda-inspired airplane livery painted on a Dreamliner.

Cabin app-titude August 15, in Commercial Tech demonstrator tests 'smart' airplane interiors. Action packed: MAX, , P-8A primed for Farnborough Airshow July 6, in Commercial, Defense Boeing celebrates years with a high-flying agenda and a special pavilion showcasing the company's history and future. Touchscreens come to X flight deck July 1, in Commercial Bringing today's technology in the hands of pilots.

The Airplane Bathroom that Cleans Itself March 2, in Technology, Commercial After watching a steady parade of people emerge from the lavatory on an extended commercial flight, many passengers are reluctant to expose themselves to the germs left behind. The Top Boeing Videos of December 17, in Commercial, Defense This year, Boeing showcased the passion, imagination and innovative spirit of our people.

Reel Progress November 11, in Community, Community Boeing helps nonprofit design fly fishing equipment for veterans and others with missing or disabled arms. Angels in the sky? Must be Seafair!

Are There Problems With the Boeing 737 Max? A Second Deadly Crash Raises New Questions

All Female Flight May 27, in Commercial From the flight deck to the boardroom, these women are paving the way for the next generation of leaders. Boeing Commercial Airplanes First Quarter Highlights April 23, in Commercial The first quarter of for Boeing Commercial Airplanes saw a 14 percent increase in commercial airplane deliveries compared to the first quarter of Report by Model Shows order and delivery counts for all past years for Boeing Commercial Airplanes' jet aircraft.

Report by Unfilled Orders Shows model order and delivery counts for customers who have ordered but not yet taken delivery.